Just What Is Just Cycle?

We are a local registered charity based in the Scottish Borders which is aiming to become a social enterprise. It intends to recycle unwanted bikes and make them available at an affordable price. People can donate their unwanted bikes so that we can re-use them.

What Do We Do:

Just Cycle recycle and re-use bikes that would have been thrown out. Unused bikes are recovered from a range of sources, transported to our base and then recycled. We make use of the many bikes left in people’s sheds and garages and encourage people of all ages to cycle. We also provide basic maintenance skills to encourage people to maintain their own bikes. Recycled bikes are then be passed on for sale, loan or donation to people of all ages. Those who may be involved helping to recycle bikes include both young and old, people with learning disabilities, youth groups and people carrying out unpaid work.

Who Benefits:

Anyone can benefit from our bikes and many could be persuaded to try cycling if they could obtain a low cost bike and have support for its upkeep.

These include people who are: on low incomes younger. intending to ditch the car. trying to exercise more. recovering from an illness. older or retired. involved with social work.